Great that you found me!

No matter for whatever reason you found it here, it is nice that you have landed on my website. With the revamped website, I am opening a new chapter to take a new direction with Female Copy. I hope that you will discover here a lot of interesting and informative reading material, but also amazing pictures. Here you will find the shocking but ruthless truth about my (un) ordinary double life - my female alter ego, the author, the artist and the creative mind behind, "Annica Springmann".

You've probably already noticed that I'm a transgender artist, although I'm usually referred to as a tranny, transvestite, or sometimes as a crossdresser. So I have not the slightest problem with it.

I founded Female Copy without even knowing for a second how successful the site would become. It all started off harmlessly - the basic idea of the website was to show me and get a few compliments for my art. I had not expected the effect of my texts, which I had originally written only for completeness. Meanwhile, there is Female Copy since 2015 and the site has become one of the most popular German-language websites on crossdressing.

Both, here and on my social media channels, I show a very private side of me and make my actually secret double life unusually public. I write about my attitude to this passion , which is probably not rare and special, about my experiences, the now numerous adventures in the world of women, the surprising lessons learned, but also how I have found to myself. In addition, there are also numerous pictures of me to give you a visual impression of my art.

Maybe you have specifically searched for information on this topic? Maybe you are personally affected by it, a relative, a person interested in the topic or you just stopped by randomly. Whatever took you here, I would like to provide you with one or two serious background information on this passion, which has many, sometimes very stupid prejudices.

But you will also find beautiful inspirations for your own transformations, many tipps and tricks and always very personal texts on the subject. Female Copy is designed to give others the courage to live their lives the way they make them happy. Still, the site is still a little “fishing for compliments” and if you want to know more about me, then take a look around here.